Raisio Kuninkoja

Kuninkojankaari 1, 20320 Turku
Telefon +358 50 567 7832
17,04 cent/min + 8,28 cent/samtal


Skidtjänsten är stängd för våren / sommaren 2021 och vi öppnar igen på hösten!


Our Kuninkoja store is situated next to Ikea in Raisio. The store has a parking lot of its own, making it a breeze to arrive. With more than 1000 square meters, this store offers excellent space for a wide range of outdoor gear and apparel.

Can't find it here? Then you probably don't need it.

Upon stepping in the store you are bound to spot row after row of clothing. We offer apparel for relaxed family outings as well as sailing, urban challenges and extreme mountain use. Right next to the clothing lineup you'll see the backpacking department, cherished by the store chief. At the rear of the store you'll find a wide range of footwear and the ever so tempting Outlet department holds treasures for those willing to seek. During winter time skiing gear takes over a part of the space and you will be served by true skiing experts in finding just the right set of skis for you regardless of whether you are into cross country or alpine skiing.