Garmin Topo Suomi Pro V4 Whole Finland

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Helsinki, Verkkokauppa

Garmin Topo Finland map

This map offers topographic, cadastral, routable auto navigation, coastal charts and inland lakes chart data, so you’ll have comprehensive coverage for all your outdoor activities.

  • New in this version: This Pro version contains Open Sport Map based data of snowmobile and other winter sport routes (27 000 km snowmobile routes, 10 000 km cross country skiing tracks)
  • Updated for this version: Updated terrain data
  • Displays in 3 languages: Finnish, English and Swedish.
  • Includes routable roads of the entire street and trail network.
  • Features National Land Survey of Finland Topographic database scale 1:5 000-1:10 000.
  • Features inland lake charts (Finland’s Environment Administration), hiking destinations (Finnish Forestry Administration) and nautical base maps (Finnish Maritime Administration).
  • Shows cadastral boundaries and contours.
  • Includes easy plug-n-play microSD™/SD™ cards for compatible devices; also available as a direct download from mygarmin.
  • Includes searchable items, such as points of interest and settlements.
  • Includes digital elevation model (DEM) for 3-D profiling.