Joutsen - top quality down coats made in Finland.

Joutsen down wear is marvellously warm and light. The unique combination of warmth and lightness stems from the layer of air kept inside by the high-quality down filling. The fabrics for Joutsen down wear are chosen from the best microfibre fabrics. All of them are down-tight, breathable, light, and durable. The down-tightness is ensured with air permeability tests at the Joutsen Finland Oy factory. The fabrics’ cold-resistance capacity is tested in a cold room, at a temperature of –25 °C. All Joutsen down coats are wet-washable. Cared for correctly, they withstand many years of use.

Joutsen down coats care instructions!

Joutsen down coats must be washed separately, inside out and with any zips closed. Any fur trimmings must be detached before the washing process. Wet the product before washing. The appropriate washing programme is a delicate wash at 30 °C. For laundry detergent, it is recommended to use Joutsen down shampoo, specially developed for washing down products. You can also use another neutral, non-bleach detergent. To avoid residue, we recommend using approximately 1/3 of the normal amount of detergent. Do not use fabric softeners. After washing in a machine with a sufficiently large drum, the coat should be rinsed with ample water three or four times and spin-dried at full speed so that it is as dry as possible. If a tumble dryer is used, the temperature must be low and the drying time as long as possible, up to 3–4 hours. Down products can be air-dried in a spacious, well-ventilated space, provided that the product is fluffed up thoroughly and often during drying. The down filling must be smoothed by patting gently after the washing and drying process. The fabrics used in Joutsen down products are high-quality, breathable fabrics. Since the fabrics are not fully airtight, some fluff present in the filling may come through the fabric. In minor quantities, this is normal and has no effect on the thermal and insulation properties of the product. **Storage** Store the down product clean at room temperature in a dry and spacious place. Always let the product dry completely before storage.
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