The dream of having your own, unique pair of skis, for once exactly the way you want them. The thought came up in 2009. The crew had turned from park skiing to free skiing, and started to pay more and more attention to equipment. They found a course online, and started experimenting with ski structures in a garage in Puuppola, Jyväskylä Finland.

The first skis were built that same year, and tested in Riihivuori, the closest slope. With experience, the crew kept improving their quality and processes, and their unique wood skis started to gather attention. It became clear there might be demand for such skis, and Puuppolan Suksi, or Pusu for short (also meaning a kiss / peck) was founded in February 2016.

High quality natural materials create the most stylish and durable solutions, for both nature and the end user.

Every detail counts, and the detail never seems to end despite simple basic fundamentals.

2 produkter
Lappi Spinnova 23/24
Made in Finland
9280 kr
Pusu Lappi Spinnova 23/24
En all mountain skida som är hemma i höghastighetsaktiviteter ru... Vikt 1800.
Wanaka 23/24
Made in Finland
12452 kr
Pusu Wanaka 23/24
Finsk björkasp och rökt ek i form av en 110 mm bred friskida. Vikt 1800.