Terra Nova

Terra Nova was born over 25 years ago when company de-merged from Wild Country Ltd. However their tent design and production began already in 1980 with the name of Wintergear. Ben and Marion Wintringham designed the first geodesic style tents in Europe.

Wild Country Ltd bought Wintergear in 1985 when the production began in Derbyshire. In 1993 Terra Nova de-merged from Wild Country Ltd and the tents also re-branded as Terra Nova.

Terra Nova has been also one of the pioneers of ultralight tents. LaserLite 1 -one person tent was launched 2004 with the weight of only 990g. Tent won a silver IF European design award and Guinness World Record for the lightest tent commercially available.

4 produkter
Titan 2g Skewer 6 pcs
329 kr
Terra Nova Titan 2g Skewer 6 pcs
Ultralätta pinnar för fasta markförhållanden.
Laser Pulse 1
9744 kr
Terra Nova Laser Pulse 1
Ett ulralight solotält med en liten packstorlek: 30 x 10 cm. Vikt 553.
Solar Photon 2
9858 kr
Terra Nova Solar Photon 2
Ett mycket minimalistiskt tält för 1 till 2 personer. Vikt 885.
Solar Ultra 2
23794 kr
Terra Nova Solar Ultra 2
Ultralätt 1-2 personers tält för användning under tre säsonger. V... Vikt 772.