9 Produkter
3-in-1 Sharpening System
422 kr
Smith's 3-in-1 Sharpening System
Sharpen smooth and serrated knives, fishing hooks and chisels.
2-step Knife Sharpener
106 kr
Smith's 2-step Knife Sharpener
A two-stage sharpener.
Sharpener Pen
106 kr
Marttiini Sharpener Pen
A compact but powerful diamond sharpener.
Flat sharpener, diamond
Made in Finland
169 kr
Marttiini Flat sharpener, diamond
Two-sided flat sharpener for knives.
Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener
454 kr
Smith's Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener
Adjustable sharpening angle and compatible with serrated blades.
1,888 kr
Chef's Choice M320
An electric sharpener for pros and ambitious home cooks.
M476 Compact
158 kr
Chef's Choice M476 Compact
A compact sharpener for kitchen knives and filleting knives.
Diamond sharpener, oval
190 kr
Marttiini Diamond sharpener, oval
A sharpener with diamond surface, oval profile.
127 kr
Roselli Whetstone
A traditional whetstone for a finishing touch.